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      Company Culture
      Company Culture


      • Lifelong learning: "UP or OUT", hard work, constant improvement.
      • Professionalism: Those who succeed must pursue reality. With the spirit of "lean manufacturing" we provide customers with the most professional technology. With a focused professional attitude, we provide customers with the best quality service. With extraordinary "Chinese quality", we enable customers to cooperate with us with confidence for a long time.
      • Innovation: Technology is fundamental, and innovation is practical. With "independent innovation, sustainable development" as the driving force, we create a strong atmosphere of innovation, always encouraging and supporting employees' innovation. We let innovation become a trend and continuously expand the development path of the enterprise with innovative technology, management, systems and environmental protection.
      • Integrity: Century-old businesses rely on innovation, and monumental businesses rely on integrity. We always adhere to the principle of "integrity first, customer first." With a rigorous and honest attitude towards ourselves, we can win the trust of society and lead the enterprise towards a path of long-term and flourishing development.
      • Harmony: Based on the internal harmony of the enterprise, focusing on the harmony between the enterprise and society, facing the harmony between the enterprise and nature. We aim to benefit society and build the future.

      VISION: To be committed to the most influential bio-peptide brand in China. Use the most natural raw materials to create globally trusted products.
      OBJECTIVES: Customer satisfaction, employee happiness, and profit creation.

      Committed to continuous growth and benevolent prosperity of the bio-peptide industry in China.